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As a trusted laser hair removal clinic in Denver, Colorado, we are dedicated to using methods that are truly effective. At Gleam Medical Spa, you will experience FDA-approved state-of-the-art technology, and service from knowledgeable and professional technicians who will get the job done right. Our laser hair removal is quick, affordable, and pain free.

We have three different lasers in our office, so we are able to provide the absolute best treatment based on your hair and skin type. Suggested treatments and the associated costs depend on factors such as the removal location, density, and amount of hair, and we are happy to guide you on the proper laser hair removal treatments. Our technicians understand the measures many men and women go through in an effort to rid themselves of unsightly and embarrassing hair, and are ready to consult with you to help. Gleam Medical Spa can offer you increased confidence and peace of mind through top quality laser hair removal.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Let’s start with the basics — how does laser hair removal actually work, and what makes it a desirable option for hair removal? Laser hair removal works by emitting a light which is absorbed by the pigment in each individual hair. The heat from the laser damages the hair follicles. Once the follicle is damaged, hair will no longer grow from that follicle. Every time you have an area treated more follicles will be damaged, leaving you with the perfectly smooth skin you desire. If this sounds like a frightening procedure, don’t fret! It is a completely safe and essentially painless treatment that will never damage the skin surrounding your hair follicles. It is also safe to use for all skin tones.

One of the most compelling benefits of laser hair removal is that it is a permanent hair removal option. Actively growing hairs that are subjected to our laser treatment should not grow back, because once a hair follicle is damaged, it can no longer grow hair. Hair follicles that are not in the active growing phase will need to be treated during later sessions, and it’s not unusual to have a touch up treatment two years after the initial treatment due to hormonal changes.

There are many options available to the modern consumer when it comes to hair removal, but none more effective than our laser hair removal technology. The classic methods of shaving and waxing require constant upkeep, and will never be a permanent solution for tricky hair growth. The market is also inundated with other products which claim to be solutions to hair removal, but none are better suited to handling the problem than laser hair removal.

Due to modern advances in technology, Gleam Medical Spa is able to offer laser hair removal that works for all skin tones and hair colors, with the only exceptions being red, blonde, and gray hair. This is due to natural red, blonde, and gray hair having less pigment than other hair colors, which gives less of a target for the laser technology to attack in the hair follicle.

For the best results and to ensure your treatment is safely administered, be sure to come to Gleam Medical Spa in Denver. Our team of technicians has the qualifications and experience to give you the best possible laser hair removal experience, and we only use FDA approved technology. For answers to other commonly asked questions about our treatments, view our frequently asked questions page.

Now that you know a little more about how laser hair removal works its magic, read on to find out exactly what treatments we can offer and which may be right for you.

Gleam Spa in Denver Offers Full Body Laser Hair Removal

No matter the reason you want to invest in laser hair removal, the location on your body you want to target, or the extent of the hair, Gleam Medical Spa is here to help with all your needs. We offer full service hair removal for women, hair removal for men, and full body hair removal. Read on to see which areas of your body are available for laser hair removal treatment and how we can help!

Laser Bikini Hair Removal

Look your best and increase your confidence with our safe and comfortable bikini laser hair removal. When it comes to the most sensitive areas of your body, you want a treatment which won’t cause unnecessary discomfort. Not only is laser hair removal the most comfortable method of bikini area hair removal, it is also the most effective and longest-lasting. No longer will you have to worry about shaving or waxing in a tricky area, and perhaps best of all embarrassing ingrown hairs can be a thing of the past! Consider bikini laser hair removal before hitting the pool or the beach, or just to feel your most confident all year long!

Laser Facial Hair Removal

What’s worse than uncomfortable and unsightly ingrown hairs or other irritations appearing after shaving your face? Never again will you have to worry about this predicament after only a few sessions with Gleam Medical Spa. Our laser hair removal treatments are the perfect mixture of delicate and effective, meaning you will see notable results without having to worry about skin damage on sensitive areas such as your upper lip or on your neck. Laser hair removal is also a permanent hair removal option, meaning you will be free from worrying about maintaining a shaving or waxing routine for any upper lip issues!

Laser Body Hair Removal

We’ve got your full torso covered too. Back hair, chest hair, and belly hair are no match for our laser hair removal treatments. Back hair removal is a common concern among men, and is especially tricky as you cannot easily shave or wax back hair at home. We can eliminate your back hair concerns forever in a few easy treatments, without worrying about trying to tackle the issue yourself or sitting through painful waxing sessions.
As with all of our other treatments, we can tackle any hair removal desires you have and model our treatment plan for your specific needs. Maybe you want to completely eliminate your chest hair or only want to clean it up a bit; we can do whatever you want!

Laser Leg Hair Removal

If you’re considering laser hair removal, you are already aware how tricky shaving your legs can be. As another area that is prone to ingrown hairs and skin irritation, your legs are an excellent candidate for laser hair removal treatment. Gleam can offer you perfectly smooth legs without the hassle and the stubble associated with waxing and shaving.

Check out some of our before and after photos to see the amazing results we can achieve!

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Why Choose Gleam Medical Spa for Laser Hair Removal?

Pain Free

The thought of lasers being used on their face or other sensitive body parts is enough to strike fear into some people. However, laser hair removal is largely painless, and certainly a more desirable option than painful waxing treatments. Some patients describe the sensation as a slight snapping or pricking feeling, but we promise it’s nothing unbearable or too uncomfortable to handle! We only use the highest quality laser hair removal machines, so you can always be sure our treatments are safe and painless. Our state-of-the-art machines also feature a cooling mechanism which further enhances your comfort during the treatment.

Affordable Packages

At Gleam Medical Spa, we understand that the laser hair removal process needs to be tailored to everyone’s specific needs. This includes both the types of treatments chosen and the associated pricing. We can work with you to find an affordable package which works for all your hair removal needs.

FDA-approved lasers

One of our most important missions is to deliver only the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatments to our customers in Denver. This is why we use top-of-the-line machines from trusted companies Cynosure and Alma Soprano, two of the leaders in the industry.
Our machines were selected to remove hair quickly and painlessly, and to be effective on any skin tone. Fortunately, technology in the field has evolved beyond working the best with lighter skin tones and darker hair. We are equipped to perform treatments on any type of skin tone.

Immediate Results

Noticeable results will be achieved after just one session of laser hair removal. Treatments are generally scheduled every four to six weeks, you will begin to see results after your very first session. You can expect to see approximately 10-15% of hair removed after each treatment, meaning the area should be free from hair after 4 to 12 treatments. This upfront investment of time is certainly worth the effort and money saved by eliminating the need to make endless waxing appointments or buy new razors forever!


The process of laser hair removal is not the long and laborious one that some might imagine. In fact, the actual process of the laser on your skin can be over in as little as a few minutes, so there’s no reason to plan your entire day around your appointment. Depending on the type of treatment you desire, it’s possible it could only take a few minutes to around an hour or two at maximum. Procedures such as facial hair removal could even be done over a lunch break!

Smoother Skin

With our laser hair removal treatments, Gleam Medical Spa can give you a pathway to skin that is noticeably smoother to the touch. You can say goodbye to embarrassing bumps, stubble, and other complications. Not only is your skin noticeably smoother immediately after your appointment, but laser hair treatments can offer permanent hair removal. Our treatments can offer you lasting convenience and peace of mind, and eliminate the worry of scheduling ongoing waxing appointments.

No More Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs may not be a serious medical condition, but they can certainly be embarrassing and annoying. Commonly found on the face, legs, or bikini area, ingrown hairs are an unfortunate reality associated with frequent shaving. The goal of laser hair treatments is to destroy the hair follicle itself, eventually making it finer in quality and eventually non-existent. So you can say goodbye to those bumps, leave frequent shaving in the past, and make way for the modern with our laser hair removal treatments!

No More Razor Burns

Another irritance associated with shaving is uncomfortable razor burn, often affecting the same problem areas associated with frequent ingrown hairs. Razor burn can be both physically uncomfortable and visually unappealing. Laser hair removal could be your way to permanently stop worrying about itchy rashes, swelling, and redness. This can be one less aspect of your skin care routine to worry about!

Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin Tones

You may be under the impression that if you have a darker skin tone, laser hair removal is not a viable option. In the past, laser hair removal technology worked the best with lighter skin tones and dark hair. Fortunately, due to advances in modern technology, laser hair removal is now a safe option for people with any skin tone. No longer will you have to worry about discoloration, scarring, or any other type of skin damage. Gleam Medical Spa is proud to offer cutting edge technology including the Cynosure Elite Nd:YAG and Soprano 810 Diode, both of which are extremely effective for any skin tone.

How does this work? Gleam Medical Spa has laser machines which feature both the 1064 nm and 755 nm wavelengths. Simply put, the 1064 nm wavelength, which is also known as the Nd:YAG wavelength, is a safer option for customers with dark skin tones because it is not as highly absorbed by melanin in the skin. Instead, the Nd:YAG wavelength targets the hair follicles rather than the skin itself, making this treatment a completely safe option for all skin tones.

If you are looking for safe laser hair removal for dark skin tones in Denver, CO, Gleam Medical Spa is the place for you. We take pride in providing safe treatments for all of our customers.

The right laser for you

Discover Our Different Laser Hair Removal Machines

Cynosure Elite Nd:YAG 1064 nm

Cynosure has a reputation as a leading brand within laser hair removal technology. This model is ideal for customers with darker skin and hair tones, due to the way it focuses on the hair follicle without targeting the surrounding melanin. This means the machine can precisely target hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. This model also features the Zimmer Chiller Cryo, a cold air device intended to minimize pain during heat treatments such as laser hair removal.

Cynosure Elite 755 Alexandrite

Also available at Gleam Medical Spa is the Cynosure Elite with a 755 nm wavelength, which is often used for customers with lighter skin tones. This machine also features the Zimmer Chiller Cyro, which cools the skin while the laser works to provide a virtually pain-free experience.

Soprano 810 Diode

Another option available at Gleam comes from Soprano, another trusted name in hair removal technology. With its 810 nm wavelength, this machine is effective at treating all skin types. It is specifically designed to remove hair quickly and comfortably.

We are able to answer any questions you may have, and find the specific treatment which will work best for you!

Denver’s Best Laser Hair Removal Experience

If you are looking for safe, affordable, and pain free laser hair removal in Denver or the Denver Metro area, Gleam Medical Spa is the place for you. We offer the Denver community the very best in modern laser hair removal technology, and we want to help you with any hair removal needs you may have.

Call us at (303) 339-3572 for more information or to schedule an appointment, or for additional convenience book an appointment online. Don’t wait to get the beautiful, smooth skin you want — contact Gleam Medical Spa today!

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