Transform Program

Comprehensive and result driven skincare program

Get the skin you've always dreamed of

Gleam Medical Spa is proud to offer the most comprehensive and result driven skincare program in the Denver area. The Transform Program is all about you. With this program, you will meet with one of our skincare experts to decide on the best course of treatments for you. During your course of treatments at Gleam, you will use your treatment credits towards advanced aesthetic services to get you to the skin you've always dreamt of. Our goal is to stop the dreaded process of aging and provide a total care program for you and your skin.

Gleam Med Spa skin transformation

Your complete solution for dermal health

Gleam Medical Spa’s Transform Program is your complete solution for dermal health. Developed by a collaborative network of physicians and experts, our Transform Program is delivered through continuous sessions that are based in stages of Restoration, Prevention, and Maintenance. Our specialized protocols apply a synergistic combination of procedures to address the total architecture of the skin, from the epidermis to the fascial septal network. This restoration plan is not about one treatment that is the newest thing. We can achieve true correction and restoration through a committed treatment plan with different modalities and focused therapies. At Gleam we truly believe in individualized care. This is why our program is not specific to one person, but adjustable based on your concerns and goals.

How it works


In the Repair phase, we will be using yellow light and infrared lasers that will restore your overall dermal health, color, tone, and texture. You can look forward to having less dyschromia and to having beautiful flesh-toned skin. This is typically followed by plasma microcurrent, where you’ll see collagen stimulation, creating lifting and tightening.


Next is our Resurface phase. Here we have different treatment options based on different skin types and concerns. One of our skincare experts will decide, alongside you, what will be the most optimal for your skin at this phase.


This is our most intensive phase, and can result in some amazing changes to the skin. We focus on all layers of the skin during this phase through combining different modalities and treatment methods.

Be Ageless

The experts at Gleam will be able to advise you on recommended courses of action. Treatment methods may vary based on skin type, skin concern, time of year, etc. Why spend $20,000-$50,000 going under the knife when you can get similar results with minimal downtime?

Put your trust in our team and experience the skin you have always wanted! 

Schedule your complimentary skincare consultation today to learn more about how this program can change your life!

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