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Camouflage Scars, Stretch Marks, & More

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While there are some popular methods to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring on the skin, they can be intensive and require a series of sessions over time. Rather than working to reduce their appearance with lasers and other treatments, why not simply cover them up? Camouflage tattooing in Denver can permanently conceal stretch marks and scarring anywhere on the body!

The Benefits


Camouflage tattooing in Denver is permanent, so you can enjoy lifelong results.


It takes just a single session to see results. Touch-ups may only be necessary every 3-5 years.


Our team will perfectly match your tattoo ink to your unique skin tone for custom results.

The Science

Our experts at Gleam Medical Spa will start by selecting your perfect color match. This skin-toned ink is designed to blend in with your natural skin tone. We use this ink to tattoo over any imperfections, including stretch marks, vitiligo, surgical scars, hypopigmentation, and more.

The process is similar to traditional, creative tattooing. Our technicians use a new, sterile needle for every patient and every session. Our treatment area is thoroughly sanitized between patients to ensure your comfort and amazing results.

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The Details

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2 weeks

Results Duration:

5+ years

The Process

The Results

We know that clients visiting our medical spa in Denver are placing their trust in us, and we deliver.

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Camouflage Tattoo
Camouflage Tattoo
Camouflage Tattoo

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