About Haley – Owner and Founder

  • Aesthetics

Haley is the Owner and Founder of Gleam Medical Spa. Haley began her career in medical aesthetics early on in life, which is when she honed her passion for skincare. After several years in the aesthetics industry early on, she decided to move on to a different path, running two successful companies in commercial real estate management and real estate investing.

Not too long after; however, Haley decided to turn her sights back onto her longtime passion of skincare. In 2015, she founded Gleam Medical Spa with a mission to bring unparalleled customer service and cutting-edge laser technology to patients in a welcoming, personalized environment.

Haley is now proud to have an amazing team of laser certified medical aestheticians and has become part of the entrepreneurial fabric of the Denver metro area. She is passionate about building an inclusive company that not only helps patients realize their best self, but also builds a dynamic company that positively impacts the local community and creates new career opportunities for women.

When she is not at Gleam, Haley spends her time with her three dogs; Abbey, Jackson, and Bailey. She also loves spending time outdoors in the Summer and watching her home team, the Denver Nuggets, play in the Winter!