October Special! Free Botox with Bundle Purchase

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Are you having one of those days where your skin just doesn’t look its best? Dull, lifeless skin can make affect your self-confidence. But what if we told you that you could get your skin to look youthful, bright, and absolutely glowing in just one day?

Gleam Medical Spa is offering you some exciting deals this October that you simply can’t pass up on. Along with our Glowtox bundles, we are offering free units of Botox. Here are the two amazing October Bundles for you to try out:

Buy 3 ADVATx treatments and get 20 units of Botox FREE – $1,399

ADVATx is one of the most innovative laser skin treatments you can get. The treatment essentially uses high-powered infrared and yellow laser light to rejuvenate the skin, focusing on improving the texture and skin tone. While entirely painless and non-invasive, the treatment can target concerns like acne, scars, wrinkles, and sunspots. Overall, a series of ADVATx treatments can leave you looking like a brand new person with fresh, clear, airbrushed-looking skin.

This October, you can buy 3 ADVATx treatments and get 20 units of Botox for free! Botox is a great treatment to combine with ADVATx laser treatments. This is because while the ADVATx will focus on the outer layers of your skin, the Botox will work with the muscles under the skin, giving you a complete transformation. 20 units of Botox is the perfect amount to give your face a natural-looking lift.

Buy 3 Vi Peel treatments, get 10 units of Botox FREE – $979

The Vi Peel treatment is the perfect version of older chemical peels but without extreme side effects and drawn-out recovery periods. This treatment offers you youthful skin with reduced acne, age spots, and wrinkles. The Vi Peel stimulates the production of protein in the skin while also exfoliating the outer layers of the skin resulting in the perfect, glowing complexion.

With the Gleam Medical Spa October Specials, you can buy 3 Vi Peel treatments and get 10 units of Botox for free! When Botox is used alongside the Vi Peel treatment, you can expect an overall improvement in the appearance of your skin, as well as healthier skin that produces more collagen and protein.

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We also offer a number of treatments other than ADVATx, Vi Peels, and Botox. We have been leaders in laser and skincare treatments since 2015 and also offer treatments for hair removal, spa services, injections, and fillers.