Laser Hair Removal Gift Giving Guide

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Gifting experiences have gained significant popularity in the past couple of years. Combined with the increased, and still increasing, popularity of self-care, we have the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

So let’s check out the amazing deals on laser hair removal offered by Gleam Med Spa in the gift guide holiday 2022:

Gleam’s December Special for Gift Guide Holiday 2022

Gleam Med Spa is offering four exciting deals on their most popular skin treatment, laser hair removal Denver. These include:

Laser Hair Removal on Small Area of Choice – 4 Sessions for $289

With this deal, you can avail of laser hair removal services for any of the following body parts:

  • Upper lips
  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Underarms
  • Stomach Strip

If you or your loved one are just getting started with laser hair removal, this package is the deal you cannot miss. It allows starting with laser hair removal in small body areas but experiencing a big change in how one looks and feels.

Laser Hair Removal on Medium Area of Choice – 4 Sessions for $649

If you or your loved one have already received laser hair removal for small areas, this deal to enjoy the treatment on a medium area of the body is the gift you need to buy ASAP. With this deal, the gift receiver can enjoy laser hair removal treatment for any of the following body parts:

  • Bikini area
  • Brazilian
  • Full face
  • Half arms

Receiving laser hair removal treatment for these areas can instill confidence and self-love in anyone!

Laser Hair Removal for Large Area of Choice – 4 Sessions for $799

The last deal in Gleam Med Spa gift guide holiday 2022 brings the most value. Enjoy 4 sessions of laser hair removal treatment with this deal on any of the following body parts:

  • Half legs
  • Half back
  • Full butt

By availing of this package, one can enjoy getting rid of the most difficult to remove by wax or shaving hair. Getting rid of hair on any of these body parts can make anyone confident about their body.

But that’s not all…

Gleam Med Spa also provides various aesthetic services to make you and your loved ones feel beautiful. These services include hydrafacials, custom facials, Opus plasma skin rejuvenation, chemical peels, microneedling, botox, and derma fillers, along with laser hair removal Denver.

Don’t Miss These Deals

Four sessions of laser hair removal treatment can bring drastic changes, even to people with more than usual hair. Our state-of-the-art facility only utilizes FDA-approved technology to ensure customers can see the results they hope to achieve. Our laser hair removal Denver is also pain-free and quick, making it even easier to utilize our services.

The deals are just the right gift for this holiday seasons, as they allow the receiver to feel more beautiful in their hair-free skin at festive dinners and parties. So avail these now to get ready or help a loved one prepare for the holidays.

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