Exosome Microneedling in Denver, CO

What Is Exosome Microneedling?

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Studies show that 59% of Americans feel uncomfortable in their own skin. At Gleam Medical Spa, we’re committed to changing that. You deserve to feel confident, not just comfortable, in your skin.

Our providers are raising the bar for skin rejuvenation, offering undetectable yet noticeable enhancements through science-backed solutions. Here’s everything you need to know about exosome microneedling in Denver, CO. 

What are exosomes?

Exosomes are nano-sized vesicles released by almost all cells. These tiny cellular components are responsible for communication and exchanging important resources like RNA proteins and growth factors between cells. They play a key role in cellular regeneration and skin repair, replacing damaged skin cells with new, healthy ones—naturally!

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is an aesthetic procedure that uses microscopic needles to create small punctures—or “micro-injuries”—across your skin, triggering the natural healing process. After finishing a session of microneedling near Lakewood, CO, your body immediately gets to work producing more collagen and elastin (proteins that play crucial roles in your skin’s youthful look and feel). 

What Exosome Microneedling Does

Exosome microneedling combines the natural rejuvenation capabilities of exosomes and traditional microneedling to offer more drastic results with less downtime. By kickstarting collagen and elastin production from multiple angles, our exosome microneedling in Denver, CO, effectively reduces common complexion concerns, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dullness and dehydration
  • Hyperpigmentation and sun or “age” spots
  • Redness and irritation 
  • Skin lesions and scars
  • Uneven texture
  • Enlarged pores

With a satisfaction rate of over 98%, exosome microneedling has raised the bar for skin rejuvenation forever

Ready to reclaim your glow?

Starting your skincare journey has never been easier! At Gleam Medical Spa, we believe that you deserve to look and feel your best at every age. Whether you’re interested in Botox, body sculpting, laser hair removal, or exosome microneedling in Denver, CO—just to name a few—we have a solution for you. 

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