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Full Body

At Gleam we are able to create a custom package than can include any area of the body where you want to reduce unwanted hair.

Catering to clients in Centennial, Denver, Highlands Ranch, Englewood, and nearby cities in Colorado, our full body hair removal can be anything you want it to be, whether you have unwanted hair on your chest, back, arms, legs, bikini area, underarms, face, abdomen, or other areas. We know women and men today find hair in certain areas undesirable. Our pain-free laser hair removal can help get rid of unwanted hair regardless of where it’s located!

Shaving can result in nicks, cuts, even razor burn or rash. Waxing can be painful, and tweezing is simply out of the question when you have large areas of hair you want to get rid of. Shaving and other hair removal methods also result in rough, ugly stubble within just a day or two. When you want smooth, beautiful skin that’s free of hair, our full body services are ideal and designed so that you are in control of which areas to focus on. Truly radiant, hair-free skin can be yours.

Facial Hair

There’s no hiding facial hair or the breakouts and irritation caused from razors and waxing. Reduce facial hair and increase self-confidence. Talk to one of our experts at Gleam about reducing upper lip, chin, and sideburns for good.

Both men and women can have unsightly facial hair; shave, and you can end up with irritated, red skin, shaving “bumps,” rash, and stubble. Because the skin on the facial area is more sensitive than that of any other location on your body, constant or repeated use of a razor or hair removal treatments can prove to be super irritating, whether you use a wax treatment, depilatory, or gadgets seen on television designed to remove facial hair. Whether you’re a man or a woman, our laser facial hair removal is designed to be effective and safe.

Many woman have “fuzz” on their upper lip; many even have hair on their chins, or the sideburn area (outer cheeks near the ears). Regardless of where it is, it may cause embarrassment or even insecurity. Some men also desire to have facial hair removal performed in order to achieve that smooth, just-shaved look. You may want to focus on the neckline, the beard area, upper lip, cheeks, or all of the above. At Gleam Laser Hair Removal we provide clients in Denver, Centennial, Englewood, and Highlands Ranch in Colorado with the smoothest, most beautiful facial skin of your life!


At Gleam we understand that it’s hard enough to feel comfortable in a bikini without the added stress of shaving bumps or stray bikini hairs. The removal process we use for bikini line public hair is quick and comfortable. This is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, the procedure only taking minutes.

Every woman who has tried shaving, waxing, or tweezing the bikini area knows the results can be disappointing. What woman wants to go to the beach with red, irritated bumps or a rash around this area? In addition to the embarrassing appearance, it is uncomfortable. Waxing can be painful; shaving is a chore that must be done frequently, and the results are anything but smooth! Ingrown hairs, spots that may be missed – what you desire is smooth, flawless skin in the bikini area.

In the U.S., laser hair removal is one of the most popular and effective cosmetic procedures performed, proven to be effective for destroying the hair follicle which results in removal over time. Because of how fast treatment works, the results, and precision in targeting coarse or dark hairs without irritating surrounding areas, many women choose laser hair removal for the bikini area – with exceptional results. If you’re ready to enjoy flawless skin without the time, effort, and in some cases pain involved in removing hair around the bikini area, contact Gleam Laser Hair Removal today! Catering to clients in Colorado including the Denver, Centennial, Englewood, and Highlands Ranch areas.


For the last decade the Brazilian has become increasingly more popular among people of all ages, professions and life styles. Having this sensitive areas treated by laser reduces the accidental nicking and irritation caused by shaving and waxing. Feel confident at any time without planning your life and outfit around your hair removal schedule. Not sure what to ask for?

  • Full Brazilian: All hair removed from all areas
  • Brazilian with Stripe: All hair removed but leaving a stripe of hair
  • Brazilian with a Triangle: All hair removed leaving a triangle of hair

What woman doesn’t want to be able to throw on a bikini without the worry of having time to shave? Lingerie can be very revealing as well, considering panties, g-strings, and other styles popular today. As clothing becomes more revealing, there are many benefits of being “bare,” without having to go through the pain, effort, and consequences of shaving, waxing, tweezing, or using depilatories. No one wants red, irritated skin, rash, or stubble!

Brazilian laser hair removal is ideal for those who want flawless, beautiful skin in the bikini and pubic area without the effort and possible problems that come along with other processes. You can wear the latest lingerie and bikini styles without worry, not to mention the clean, fresh, confident feeling you’ll enjoy. Regardless of whether you’re married, single, young, or older, the hygiene benefits are obvious as well! Women and men alike enjoy the feeling of freshness, as hair in the private area can result in undesirable odor. Feel free, wear what you want, and forget shaving, waxing, or tweezing! At Gleam Laser Hair Removal, those in search of a Brazilian can feel confident in our professional technicians and quick process. Contact us now, and enjoy the smooth, flawless look you want without the pain and possible consequences of other methods.


Feel confident to throw on your favorite sleeveless dress or shirt at any time without worrying about embarrassing under arm hair. Shaving this area daily can lead to unwanted ingrown hairs. Laser will reduce and event prevent these problems along with the inconvenience of waxing and shaving.

At Gleam Laser Hair Removal, we provide underarm hair removal for clients in the Centennial area of Colorado including Denver, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood who desire smooth, flawless skin in the underarm area. We know that shaving isn’t ideal, and can leave you with redness, bumps, even a rash. Shaving is very harsh on this sensitive area, but what other options do you have? Waxing can be painful and tweezing is out of the question.

Underarm hair can be unsightly; imagine stepping out in a sleeveless dress, blouse, or even your bikini, only to realize too late that you forgot to shave. it can be a miserable time, trying to make sure you don’t raise your arms up. Our underarm laser hair removal process is painless and quick. No more daily shaving, or worry about whether you may develop cysts or ingrown hairs. You will be able to wear all of your favorite clothes with confidence! Hair-free, flawless skin so you’ll never again have to worry about wearing your most revealing clothes.


Unwanted arm hair is a problem for many. At Gleam we can resolve this problem with our top of the line FDA Gold standard lasers. Don’t let the dark or unwanted arm hair continue to be a problem.

Perhaps the hair on your arms is dark in color, or you simply have an overabundance of hair, regardless of its color. Both men and women who desire smooth, clean arms without superfluous hair benefit from arm laser hair removal! Shaving the arms is not only tedious, it can leave you with stubble when the hair begins to grow back. Ingrown hairs and razor rash are also possibilities. Like the legs, keeping the arms smooth and flawless requires frequent shaving.

Laser hair removal for the arms makes it possible to remove unwanted hair quickly, and without the pain associated with waxing. In fact, the process can be performed while you’re on lunch break! At Gleam Laser Hair Removal, our skilled laser technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to deliver results that go beyond your expectations. We invite those in the Denver, CO and surrounding areas of Centennial, Highlands Ranch, and Englewood to give us a call today and experience the smooth, beautiful, hair-free arms you desire.


Cut time off your shower daily by getting lasting results for the largest, most time consuming area to shave. Lose the razor and feel confident with soft, sexy smooth legs at any time.

There is no question that women hate shaving their legs day after day; after all, legs are the largest area on the body that require shaving, waxing, or other methods. Nicks, cuts, stubble, razor rash, ingrown hairs – is it really worth all the time and trouble? Laser hair removal for the legs is the answer to your prayers, providing you with smooth, flawless skin regardless of what you’re wearing, or the time of year. Why not ditch the time and pain involved in monthly waxing, skip shaving, and enjoy hair-free legs all the time?

Laser leg hair removal is a painless, quick process that removes unwanted leg hair after a few sessions. Imagine the feel of silky skin any hour of the day or night, without having to shave, tweeze, or go through painful waxing every month! “Shave” time off your morning routine (pun intended), and enjoy a feeling of confidence like never before when wearing shorts, a bikini, mini-dress, or any other article of clothing. Because laser hair removal destroys the root of the hair, even women who typically have dark spots visible after shaving can enjoy more beautiful legs. If you’re in the Centennial or Denver areas in Colorado, trust Gleam Laser Hair Removal for your most beautiful skin ever.

Hair Removal for Men

It used to be that hair removal was strictly a female thing. Unless you were a bodybuilder, cyclist, swimmer or male exotic dancer. NOT ANYMORE! Experts report that more and more men are opting for the same grooming rights as women – including smooth bodies.

With laser hair removal you have the option unlike waxing to thin the hair in areas if you don’t want it all removed. Speak to one of our professionals at Gleam regarding removing or reducing hair on the back, chest, stomach, shoulders, neck, legs and arms.

Shaving, tweezing, electrolysis, using depilatories – all of these methods of removing hair have their drawbacks. Shaving must be done nearly every day, and the stubble and ingrown hairs that may result can be unsightly. Tweezing each individual hair would take forever, particularly on large areas of the body such as the back or chest. Depilatories can be irritating. The truth is, laser hair removal for men has become extremely popular today, because of the ease in which unwanted hair can be removed. Skip the pain of waxing, and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

Laser hair removal typically requires several treatments or sessions to remove all of the unwanted hair. However, the great thing about hair removal for men using laser treatment is that it can be done on your lunch hour! Have an area treated, and get back to your day without long interruptions. A few sessions, and your arms, back, chest, neck, shoulders, or legs can be free of unwanted hair. Perhaps you just want to thin extra-thick hair out a bit, or get rid of it all. It’s up to you! We invited Colorado residents in Englewood, Denver, Highlands Ranch, and nearby areas to visit Gleam Laser Hair Removal today.

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