Preventative Aesthetic Treatments and Why They Are Becoming More Popular

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Preventative aesthetic treatments are a relatively new concept, but they are gaining popularity at a rapid pace globally. Preventative aesthetic treatments involve preventing signs of aging, wrinkles, and blemishes rather than treating them after they are formed.

Most of us indulge in preventative aesthetic treatments without even knowing it – our skincare routines, facials, and wearing sunscreen – all prevent or delay signs of aging. Other than these, preventative Botox, cosmetic laser treatments, microneedling, and hydrafacials are some preventative aesthetic treatments slowly growing in popularity among people of all ages. Yes, even those in their 20s and 30s!

These treatments help prevent and improve wrinkles, fine lines, ‘elevens’ that form between eyebrows, tones, textures, and elasticity of the skin. While some of these treatments can work after these problems start forming, most of these work to prevent them from coming up in the first place.

People have a lot of questions regarding these preventative aesthetic treatments – Do they actually work? What is the ideal age to start these preventative treatments? Does starting younger have any advantages? Well, we have all the answers you need!

Do They Actually Work?

Yes! While these treatments are effective, you shouldn’t think of them as your fountain of youth – aging is something that will occur, no matter how hard you try to stop it. What these treatments do is allow you to stay a few steps ahead of your aging process. They’ll delay and prevent the formation of wrinkles, lines, and blemishes and will also help restore volume to your skin.

The Ideal Age to Start Preventative Aesthetic Treatments?

This is a hard question to answer as everyone ages differently. Some don’t show signs of aging well into their 30s, while some start showing wrinkles in their 20s. But if your goal is to get ahead and stay ahead of the aging process, starting in your mid-to-late-20s is recommended. Usually, people in their late-20s and early-30s already start showing signs of aging and then require reactive treatments instead of preventative ones.

Benefits of Starting Preventative Aesthetic Treatments Younger

The benefits of starting these treatments early can be explained by one simple reason – the earlier you start, the more wiggle room you have to address your signs of aging.

Preventative treatments are exactly as their name suggests – preventative. They only work before lines or wrinkles start to form or just as you start noticing signs of aging. If you wait too long, the lines and wrinkles form too deep in the skin, and preventative treatments don’t function effectively. This is why Botox becomes less effective on people aged 40 and older.

There are other benefits of starting younger too. These treatments come with no surgical risks and no severe side effects. The younger you start, the shorter the treatment times. These treatments also don’t require any downtime – meaning you can be out and about right after getting a treatment done.

Starting younger means your overall long-term treatment costs get lower. If you start in your 20s, it usually means you’ll need fewer treatments as you get old. Requiring fewer injectables and touch-ups means lower costs if you start early. Starting younger, with small treatments and regular maintenance, also means better, more-natural results instead of the ‘I’ve got work done’ look.

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