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Are you starting to think about those summer months fast approaching, and how you just can’t bear to shave anymore? Or, if you are still in winter mode, what about that awful feeling of prickly-ness when you throw on your layers of snowboarding pants? Well, we are here to tell you that there is a solution—and your solution is to come here to Gleam Medical Spa!

Here at Gleam, we offer laser hair reduction in Denver, CO, because we understand that pain of just not wanting hair in certain areas. So, learn all about what we offer, why we offer it, and a little bit about us and our story too!

Some of the Science

There are lots of different hair removal methods out there today, but few can provide you lasting results. Even so, many can also cause adverse effects like ingrown hairs, razor burn, and more. 

So why does laser hair removal work so much better? It all has to do with what the laser absorbs and how it interacts with it. 

For example, during laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair. That light is converted to heat, which damages the hair follicles that hold your hair. This then inhibits—or at least delays—future hair growth.

Most Popular Areas to Get Laser Hair Removal

For Women:

  • Brazilian
  • Underarms
  • Lip and chin
  • Full legs


For Men: 

  • Beard
  • Hairlines
  • Full back
  • Shoulders


Our Lasers

We are proud to have two different lasers in our office, so our laser technicians are able to provide the absolute best treatment based on your hair and skin type.

#1: Best on Dark Hair and Dark Skin

This model for laser hair removal, the 1064 ND:yag, is ideal for clients with darker skin and hair tones due to the way it focuses on the hair follicle without targeting the surrounding melanin. This means the machine can target hair follicles without affecting the surrounding skin. 

This wavelength also features a cold air device that minimizes the pain during your laser hair removal treatments.

#2: Mostly Used for Lighter Skin Tones

The other laser hair removal treatment that is available here at Gleam Medical Spa, called 755 Alexandrite, is often mainly used for patients with lighter skin tones. This is because when laser hair removal machines first were designed, they hadn’t learned how to focus solely on the color of the hair follicles. The machines only knew to focus on the color difference between skin and hair colors. 

The experts who are creating these machines have now figured out how these tools can be successful on all skin tones and all hair colors. So, this second wavelength is often used on those who have lighter hair and skin, while the other wavelength is typically used for those who have darker complexions.

This machine also uses a cooling tool that cools the skin while the laser works to provide a virtually pain-free experience.

The Nitty-Gritty on Laser Hair Removal

Does it hurt?

No, your laser hair reduction in Denver, CO should never hurt! We only use the highest quality laser hair removal machines, as we always strive to keep our treatments safe and painless. 

Our state-of-the-art tools also contain a cooling mechanism, which adds to your comfort and helps facilitate a pain-free experience during a laser hair removal treatment.

How many sessions will I need? 

The number of treatment sessions needed varies from patient to patient, depending on your skin type, hair thickness, and desired results. Some patients achieve permanent results in as few as 6 sessions, while others may need anywhere from 8 to 12.

The best way to find out how many treatments can help you achieve your dream results is to come in for a personal consultation with one of our Gleam Team laser technicians.

Something to note is that, many times it is recommended to get all 12 sessions for the longest results. A special perk of completing these sessions is that once you have, you have a free, life-time supply of touch ups in case some hair grows back. 

Should I shave before my appointment?

Shaving the day prior to your appointment or just before you come into the session is recommended. You may also be asked to shave again 24 hours after treatment. All of this is subject to adjustment once you come in for a consultation with our Gleam Team.

Is it really better to leave it to the professionals?

Yes! There are many tools out there that are created to be a more convenient and cheaper solution, letting you attempt laser hair reduction on your own.

But the truth is that these tools are not as powerful as medically approved devices for in-clinic hair removal treatments. Because they cannot be created exactly like professional tools, they may not be as effective. So, that tool you purchased may prove to not be worth the money.

Now, this warning is not just about spending your money on something that might not work—it is also about your safety and health! These at-home laser hair reduction tools sometimes, unfortunately, are not as safe as the designers make them out to be.

Not just that, but laser hair removal has grown so rapidly in the aesthetic industry because it is best performed by professionals! When clients come to us to receive professional laser hair reduction in Denver, CO, it isn’t just a matter of convenience. Instead, it’s a matter of quality! You’ll see better results by going to a professional, and you’ll also reduce the risk of harmful side effects.

Performing at-home LHR could result in::

  • Burning and pain
  • Skin discoloration
  • Surface damage
  • And more!


Here at Gleam, we work hard to make sure each treatment is personalized to what each individual needs. While laser hair reduction in Denver, CO, may seem to cost more money than at-home solutions, you’ll be investing in the quality of your service. And even if it might seem like a hassle to come in for treatment, we make sure your appointment times are convenient for your schedule!

Laser Hair Removal vs Laser Hair Reduction in Denver, CO

You might have noticed so far in this article that the words reduction and removal have been interchanged and used together. Does this mean that they are the same thing?

Grammatically speaking, they do sound different, but they are often used in conjunction in the med spa world. “Laser hair removal” makes it sound as though you will be left with absolutely no hair once your treatment is finished, and although this is what we always aim for, complete hair removal is rare. So, that is where the term “laser hair reduction” comes into play.

The phrase “laser hair reduction” started being used because, legally speaking, medical spas cannot guarantee total hair removal. Their tools and technology have not advanced far enough to permanently overcome our body’s desire to continue growing hair.

So, instead of misleading clients into thinking that hair will never grow back in any area that has been lasered, some med spas prefer to use the term “laser hair reduction.” That way, if and/or when a client comes in needing a touch-up, we are able to help them happily, without ever contradicting our treatment.

Laser hair removal is not a guarantee, it’s just a goal. If complete hair removal is achieved, then that’s a win for everyone! If not, we can continue to work on the reduction of any remaining hair with touch-up appointments.

Delving Into the Cost of Hair Reduction

The cost of laser hair reduction in Denver, CO, may be a deterrent for some clients. But at Gleam Medical Spa, we strive to always deliver high-quality, stunning results, and to make sure you leave with a smile on your face. That is why we wanted to go over some of the expectations when it comes to the cost of laser hair removal. But if you have any other financing questions, feel free to reach out to us, and we will see how we can help!

We understand that, when it comes to laser hair reduction, you want to know where your money is going, and what your return will be. So, here are some of our answers.

Size of Your Treatment Area

Larger areas of treatment are going to cost more than smaller ones. So, for example, getting your legs done would be more expensive than just getting your underarms done. Or, if a man was wanting to get his back done, this would cost more than just doing his face/beard area.

So, depending on your personal budget and goals, you will want to consider where you would like to receive laser hair removal treatments.

Number of Sessions

The number of laser hair reduction sessions you will need in Denver, CO, is another aspect that will impact how much the service costs.

In order to get the best results, you will want to receive several sessions, spaced properly to get premium results. So, your provider will also discuss the thickness and density of your hair and, depending on your unique traits, determine how many sessions it will take to achieve your desired results.

The more sessions of laser hair reduction in Denver you get, the more it will cost. However, best results are seen with the completion of the full treatment series.

Type of Technology

The last thing we will mention that impacts the price on a LHR treatment is the type of machine or tool your provider uses. The higher the quality of the device, the better your results will be. And at Gleam Medical Spa, we always want to deliver the best results possible! As technology has improved over time, the treatment has become more effective and is available for people of varying skin tones.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have about the devices and tools we use here at Gleam for laser hair reduction in Denver, CO.

A Perfect Combination

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just get that hair removed. If you want another treatment to make your skin gleam even more, we offer skin peels to hydrate, refresh, and rejuvenate, which can be the ideal complement to your laser hair reduction in Denver, CO. 

Chemical Peel in Denver

Chemical peels give you effective results comfortably. The powerful blend of ingredients works gently to fight acne, improve skin tone and texture, reduce age spots and sun damage, and give you a more youthful, glowing complexion.

Removing the layers of skin that contain impurities is what allows a chemical peel to be an effective treatment for a number of concerns, including: 

  • Acne and scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Melasma and uneven pigmentation
  • Uneven texture and tone

It also facilitates better product absorption for your daily skincare regimen.

The Process

You’ll start by consulting with one of our skincare specialists at Gleam. Their goal is to get to know you and your unique concerns to help identify which chemical peel in Denver is right for you.

VI peels take just 30 minutes to complete and results in no downtime. So you are able to return to your routine right after your appointment.

In the days after your chemical peel, you’ll notice the outermost layers of your skin start the peel off, do not worry this is normal! As they fall away, it reveals bright, new skin. After a series of peels, you’ll notice a reduction in impurities like uneven pigmentation, tone, and texture overall.

Do they hurt? 

With our advanced VI peel ingredients and technology, you can forget what you’ve heard about chemical peels. Our treatments are gentle, comfortable, and require no downtime.

Which one is for me?

During your one-on-one consultation with one of our skin specialists, they will help you identify your unique skin concerns and which chemical peel in Denver will help you achieve your desired results.

Why Choose Gleam?

Our Mission & Values

As a leader in laser hair removal technology, Gleam Med Spa in Denver helps patients achieve next-level confidence by delivering unparalleled results in a warm, welcoming environment. This is our mission and our promise to each and every one of our patients. See just some of our values below:

  • Quality – Our Gleam Team is expertly trained and exceptional at their craft, so you can expect high-quality treatments
  • Customized – We take pride in providing individualized care to each and every one of our patients
  • Confidence – Creating results and inspiring confidence—it’s just what we do
  • Inclusive – Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, so our treatments are suited for all skin types


Our Story

Haley is the Owner and Founder of Gleam Medical Spa. Haley began her career in medical aesthetics early on in life, which is when she honed her passion for skincare.

Nearly 10 years ago now, she founded Gleam Medical Spa wanting to bring specialized customer service and along with new laser technology to patients in a welcoming, personalized environment. 

Haley is now proud to have an amazing team of laser-certified medical aestheticians who have grown into the wonderful group who affectionately call themselves the Gleam Team.

She is passionate about building an inclusive company that not only helps patients come to love their best self, but is also focused on building a dynamic company that positively impacts its community and makes new opportunities for women.

Ever Growing

Gleam Med Spa got its beginnings in laser hair reduction in Denver, CO. By leading with compassion and expertise, our Gleam team quickly became the top destination for our hair removal services near Denver!

Let Your Journey to the Most Beautiful Version of You Start Now!

If you’re ready to get started at Gleam Medical Spa—to discover the full potential of your true beauty and confidence—book your first appointment today. We’re so excited to get to know you and to introduce you to your most beautiful self.

If you’re not quite ready for an in-person consultation, you can use our Treatment Planning Tool to get instant personalized treatment recommendations based on your input. Tell us a bit more about your needs and goals, and we’ll draft a personalized roadmap for your journey forward.

The amazing thing about our Treatment Planning Tool is that you can tell us about your concerns before attending—or even scheduling—your appointment. Set up much like a quiz, we’ll review your answers and come up with a potential treatment plan that’s designed just for you. Then, when you come in for an in-person appointment, we can discuss the treatments you’re most interested in receiving or explore even more options!

If you have any additional questions about medical aesthetics, hair restoration, or laser hair removal, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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