Special: Free Express Hydrafacial (worth $189) For Every Opus Treatment Purchased

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If you’re looking to invest in the exclusive opus treatment by Gleam, you will be glad to know that they’re offering a free, express hydrafacial worth $189 for every plasma skin rejuvenation treatment.

You may be wondering what the benefits of each are and whether the reward is worth the treatment.

Let’s explore the benefits of Gleam’s opus treatment and the value of the special.

Gleam’s Opus Treatment – The Benefits

Many people are curious about trying the new opus treatment because it is based on sound technology called radiofrequency skin resurfacing.

It is an innovative treatment that can be used to improve your skin’s texture and tone, which can remove any traces of imperfections or blemishes on your face, resulting in the non-invasive treatment of various skin-related issues like wrinkles, stretch marks, saggy skin, and more.

Not only is the treatment quite effective in healing your skin and making it look better, but it is also extremely convenient since it only takes about 30 minutes for the actual treatment, making it easy for you to fit it into your busy schedule.

At Gleam Medical Spa, you will not have to worry about any kind of pain since laughing gas is used for a numbing effect, reducing anxiety and making the treatment completely pain-free. The effects don’t last longer than 10 minutes, which means you can easily drive yourself back home while waiting for the radiating afterglow of your now-healed skin.

The treatment’s intensity is also easily adjusted depending on your skin type to minimize any inflammation, ensuring that you recover quickly from the treatment.

Plasma energy is used to create micro-abrasions in the skin, which stimulates the natural healing process of your body to facilitate the production of elastin and collagen, which heal and rejuvenate your skin, resulting in a beautiful and youthful appearance.

Free Express Hydrafacial – Special Value For Money

Hydrafacials are incredibly useful in improving skin texture, tone, and appearance, resulting in an exfoliation effect that cleanses your pores and removes any traces of impurities by penetrating deep into the skin.

You can expect to receive a variety of face serums that are designed to be effective for different skin types, ensuring that you find the right intensity of treatment for your sensitive skin post opus treatment.

It can also be used to treat acne scars as it removes pore-clogging skin cells and also facilitates the removal of blackheads by utilizing proper extracting methods during the treatment.

Other potential benefits include the improvement in skin conditions like rosacea and anti-aging properties that can decrease the signs of skin aging.

Final Verdict

Choosing an opus treatment to heal your skin is an excellent decision that also yields a special value offer in the form of a free express hydrafacial, which complements the treatment for more skin-enhancing effects.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your skin, you can also check out our microdermabrasion and dermaplaning services to restore your skin to its youthful prime.