Non-Invasive Hair Restoration in Denver

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration at Gleam

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Whether it’s genetic, a sign of aging, or related to your health, hair loss is a growing issue that impacts both women and men. Gleam Medical Spa has some of the best resources and tools for non-invasive hair restoration in Denver.

We are able to deliver powerful hair restoration results in a series of quick, painless sessions. Do you want to see that hair restored? Come to the Gleam Team for our solutions!

The Science Behind Hair Restoration

The tool Gleam uses for non-invasive hair restoration in Denver is revolutionary and effective! It is an ultrasound device that painlessly and non-surgically drives our topical formula into the skin. This treatment improves blood flow and hair regrowth by combining acoustic sound waves and gentle air pressure.

We also provide an at home Hair Care Formula, which targets the scalp and hair follicles to improve strength and health. A healthier scalp and stronger hair follicles support thicker, shinier hair as it begins to grow during and after your series of treatments.

Some Treatment Details

To get the best recommendations, you do have to come in for a consultation. However, after that, you should only need to visit us up to 3 more times. Most clients see the best results after three 25-minute sessions of treatment. 


Not only can we do hair restoration on the scalp, but also in areas of the eyebrows and beard!


Many patients notice a decrease in hair shedding just two weeks after their first treatment session. Hair regrowth may start to appear between the second and third treatment session, with full regrowth visible after the third and final session. Now that you have taken care of those concern areas for hair loss, what about focusing on those areas were you don’t want hair? Check out hair reduction at Gleam!

See Full Hair Once Again With Hair Restoration at Gleam!

If you’re ready to get started at Gleam Medical Spa—to discover the full potential of your true beauty and confidence—book your first appointment today. We’re so excited to get to know you and to introduce you to your most beautiful self.

If you have any additional questions about medical aesthetics or laser hair removal, give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

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